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„You don’t play with money“

Exhibition by Hans Hs Winkler in Galerie M

Vernissage on 26th November 2017, 6:00 pm

The exhibition runs until 9th February 2018

In a multi-faceted installation, the exhibition presents artistic views on media of exchange, the financial world, and economics.

Next to a Museum of Finance and an Archive, a new regional currency will be introduced.

Museum of Finance

Based on newspaper announcements and TV reports, objects have been developed that tell the stories of unusual bank robberies, anarchist bankers, or speculators. In the end, it shows the influence of money: where there’s money and banks, there will also be criminality.


The exhibition space will show a graphic-photographic series of the artist’s long-term project focussed on the theme of money. These concern artworks that were created both individually and as teamwork. (e.g. “Wallstreet” in New York ( or “We make more out of your money” in cooperation with Peter Kees and Uwe Jonas).

Regional Currency

During the opening of the exhibition, the design for the regional currency called “Marzahner” will be selected by visitors and local inhabitants from numerous submissions of drawings and proposals. The new regional currency will subsequently be put to print and integrated in the neighbourhood

Hans Hs Winkler 
Since 1984 he has realized art projects, interventions, and actions all over the world particularly in public spaces, including: „un incidente in gondola“(Nuova Icona, Venice, 2002). “granizza“(Dialog Loci, Kostrzyn, 2004), or “The flight of Ötzi” (Eurac, Museion, Bolzano, 2008). From 1988 to 2000, he worked under the name (paint the town red), principally in urban installations such as „goldener Schnitt“ [“Golden Ratio”] or „Rotverschiebung“ [“Red Shift”] (1988-2000). Since the financial crisis of 2007, Hans Hs Winkler has been concerned with complementary monetary systems and regional economics.  These are highly topical but mainly unknown and yet they represent a realistic alternative to the present financial and trading systems of our hyped-up financial world. Hans Winkler was co-curator of exhibitions such as “legal/illegal” at the neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (NGBK), Berlin, 2004, or „looking for mushrooms“ at Museum Ludwig, Cologne (2008).

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